Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year - Same Me

Well we made it through the first day of 2016 - go us!

What is it about a New Year that is both so inspiring and completely panic inducing? I haven't been that great about setting "New Years Resolutions" the past couple of years. My goals are usually either too vague or too specific if you have not yet gathered this, there is not much grey-area in my life so I end up not knowing how to go about pursuing my vague goals or I miss one day of drinking warm water with lemon and cayenne in the morning and all is shot to hell.

Some people like to focus on shedding the baggage of the previous year, getting rid of what did not serve them, which I am all for. 2015 was a bitch. Not totally bad, not totally good, just bitchy. A lot of what went down is not my story to tell - there were career changes to varying degrees of success; movings out, movings in, movings back out; truly amazing people were lost; injuries came and went and came back again; harsh realties were faced. That's not to say 2015 didn't have it's great times, it most certainly did. But for me, it was what I like to call a "learning year."

So where exactly does that leave on 1/1/2016?

Well, I spent the last night of 2015 having a wonderful dinner with the two greatest parents a person could ever ask for. Then I went off to ring in the New Year with my sister, Guinness in one hand Champagne in the other. Yes I showered, put on makeup and real clothes, I also managed to get home at a reasonable hour AND take off said makeup before bed - if that's not adulting please tell me what is. 

What are you doing New Years Day?

A whole lot of nothing honestly. My ankle and ITB are still pretty angry at me, and while the last thing I wanted to do was to start a new year injured, I can now honestly say that missing one week of training is not worth doing any more permanent harm to my body. So it was Pure Barre ftw this morning, maybe 2016 will be the year I get abs and an ass? a girl can dream I cancelled my Weight Watchers account, which is big for me. I joined forever ago to lose the pounds I gained post-college and pre-running. It originally held me accountable for poor diet and exercise choices, but eventually turned into a restrictive obsession that was at odds with a heavy training load. See, major learning going on here I got my first day of free  coffee with my new Starbucks Tumbler  I love Chistmas presents. I made freaking Broiled Lamb Chops from my Runner's World Meals on the Run Cookbook Seriously, I love Christmas presents. And now I'm here taking to you fine people, getting ready for bed and focusing on all of the great things I already have to look forward to in 2016.

Tomorrow morning I am going to get up and try to have the best day I can, I think maybe that will be my 2016 Resolution.
Sorry Yoda.