Monday, December 28, 2015

Why I can't have nice things

Alternate title: Pity Party table of 1 
Alternate alternate title: When your Mom asks you if you would consider wearing a head lamp

Seriously you would think going in to work for TWO FREAKING DAYS would not be so hard, like suck it up Sally...

Since I am only going to the city twice this week I figured it would be easier to take the train in from my parent's house instead of lugging all my shit back and forth to Hoboken, totally solid idea, until I remembered how much I hate commuting from my parents house. 
which hit home at around 10pm last night - or like 3/4 of the through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 if you tell time by ABC Family Marathons which I absolutely do.  


There was one bright spot to my Sunday Bumday mopeyness, while I was loathe to wake up at the ACOD that's Ass Crack of Dawn for all you nice adults who don't swear to get my run in, I would get to do sporting my beautiful new Garmin Forerunner 225 my parents put Santa Clause TO SHAME this year, just, I can't

Sure enough 5am rolls around, it is pitch-freaking black out and I am just looking for any reason to stay in bed. Whatevs. I suit up and gently put on my new 225 convinced I am going to somehow break it ? Me and the new watch are cruising along the dark. as. night. streets of my hometown and I make the idiotic decision to run through the park. Where there are literally no lights. And no sidewalk. I'm already pretty grumpy and trying to talk myself out of a bad mood when foot meets pothole and my ankle goes down hard. Hey at least we know the pause button on the Forerunner 225 works? 

Luckily I had just hit my turn around point and only had to head back home. The way back was not exactly painful, but somewhat uncomfortable, and mentally stressful as I started rewinding back to how hard it was dealing with my last injury and what how badly I would lose my shit if I had to stop running again. I would like to think that I will take all of the lessons I learned from this year's injury and use them to make calm, rational decisions regarding my ankle and future injuries, but very little about me is calm or rational - so we'll see how that goes. As for now I am slathered in Pain Relief Foot Cream, stuffed into Compression socks, sending my ankle healing thoughts and checking out my less than stellar stats from this morning's run. 
Now I can see when I fell in 3 different very pretty ways! 

2016 New Years Resolution = NO. MORE. INJURIES 

Now more about my awesome Christmas present:
I have only ever run with Garmin Forerunners and I have loved them all, to the point where I'm sad to say good bye to my old ones even when my new watch is prettier and all technical and crap.

My first watch was the Garmin Forerunner 10 in pink of course and I got Pops his own not pink when he started running. The 110 was great when I was a newbie runner, but I did run into issues getting a GPS signal. Some days it would take a while to sync, and if I tried to run in NYC fugghetaboutit, I never got anything. About two years ago I upgraded to the Forerunner 220 and it was my everything, I named it Bob, we were besties. It's been with me ever since, without one single problem well there were many problems but they all fall in the category of user error

I had my eye on the Forerunner 225 since it was announced in May, but never worked up the nerve to get it mostly because I was seriously that attached to my 220. I really try to keep myself away from the crazy bell and whistle running gadgets because all the hype drives me bonkers. Honestly as long as I can get my times, mileage, and plug in some interval training, I'm a happy camper. But, in an effort to be more aware of my health, and other such normal adult things, I was jonesing for a heart rate monitor and knew there was NCIH i would wear a heart rate strap hello, chafing, no thank you. Multiple doctors this year asked me if I monitored my heart rate, especially during my runs, and I started to think there may be some value to what they were saying. So the Forerunner 225 made it's way to the top of my Christmas List this year, and as previously mentioned my parents are completely insane, because it was waiting for me underneath our tree this year!
MOVE bitch
I am the opposite of technically savvy but I really do want to pay more attention to what I put my body through during training so stay tuned for more adventures as I try and figure out how to use my new toy! 

Now I know half of you are at home and the other half are at work doing nothing so let's #runchat!
What should we name the Forerunner 225?

What is your must have running accessory?

Is Monday being a bitch to you too? 

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