Monday, April 25, 2016

My Psychic Powers and Why They Can't be Used for Good

Well, it's been a solid 4 years, but my right leg finally decided to call it quits on Sunday moment of silence.
I can't even be mad because my right leg has been a freaking trooper. It's been picking up the slack for my bum left leg for basically 3 of those 4 years, and I guess it deserves a break.

Last week running did not feel great. I had been burning the candle at both ends and it was showing. My gait was off, I felt awkward, I was super tired and sluggish, my heart was not in it.  I was not super concerned because it was my last high mileage week, I had a lot going on personally, and frankly I had a lot of reasons to feel tired and wompy. I was flexible with my training schedule rearranging workouts so I would not drive myself into the ground on super hectic days and I never felt like I was pushing myself through pain, I was just on the struggle bus express. I  made it through the week relatively unscathed with one 14 miler left for Sunday. I was exhausted, stressed, and reallllly not looking forward to my last long run. Somehow I managed to scrape myself off the floor and started out for two 7 mile loops, so that I could stop at home for water and fuel if I needed to. Once I got started I knew that mentally I could make it through, the weather was epically gorgeous, and physically I felt the same if not a little better than I had the day before. But around mile 3 I knew something was off, my right ankle just wasn't right. My stride was super forced and awkward. I stopped multiple times to stretch and pump out my calf, but when I started to noticeably limp, that was it. I wasn't in any pain  - but I had to admit defeat. I plopped my ass on the curb, called Mom, and stared off into the downward spiraling abyss until she came to pick me up.

I am just so over this injury bull shit that I could barely muster up the energy to throw a fit in the car on the way home obviously I cried and whined but it wasn't one of my best efforts and went straight to our deck so I could pass out in the sun and at least soak up some of  the Vitamin D I was supposed to get that day. Even my pity party was fairly tame: Sushi, homemade chocolate chip cookies, a pep talk from Mom, and a long bath to keep me from trying to implement every injury remedy in my bag of tricks all at once.

I've always thought I was semi-psychic but really a legit psychic (guy I met on the street in New Orleans) said I was and I totally used to be able to use my powers for good.
Bid Day 2008
A day that will live in infamy
Exhibit A - My senior year of college I was convinced that my parents were going to take us to Disney World in all honesty not a huge leap there after January Rush Week. I had this picture in my mind of Me and Megs in matching Bid Day tee shirts at Magic Kingdom. Well, I got back from my Study Abroad in Australia, my mom told me to repack cause we were going to Disney World, and then we drove back down to school so that I could could spend Bid Day with my double sister who had just pledged my sorority.

True Happiness

Now that I'm old and jaded my psychic powers have dwindled down to more of an "oooo I've got a bad feeling about this" situation, which usually turns out to be the case.

Exhibit A - How My Psychic Powers Knew I Had An Injury Coming
  • Got all sentimental about how much I love running, how awesome it feels, and how excited I am to run all the races  just asking for it
  • I slept on my parents couch this weekend since we had family visiting -  as I was getting all snuggled in I was like hey the last time I slept on the couch was when I twisted my ankle twice in January foreshadowing blows
  • Made a list of possible challenges/things to try during my "off training month" I really do wonder how many hours I would last on Whole30
  • Tried on my costume for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, wings and all I just can't
This is just begging for a deep dive into manifesting and all that junk, but good Lord that is a post for a different time cause aint nobody me got time for that right now. I am less than 2 weeks out from our trip to Disneyland/LA for the RunDisney Tinkerbell Half, my goal right now is to be healthy enough to run it, but that is not really under my control.
Where are you now that
i need you

Time to try some of that manifesting-ness again!

- Stay moderately caffeinated friends trying to cut back a bit this week

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