Thursday, June 2, 2016

A [Day After] Running Day Top 10

Happy belated Global Running Day!

I would apologize for the late post, but I spent Global Running Day ACTUALLY running, so #sorrynotsorry. In an attempt to not write a novella about my love for running you're welcome I'm stealing this Running Favorites list from my spirit animal over at RunEatRepeat.

    1. Pre-Run Food:
    My stomach hates fuel, like all of it, so for a really long time I would barely eat anything before/during a run. Obviously a crap idea. I started using Generation UCAN  this year and I've seen a huge improvement. My energy levels are so much better, and my tummy has been a lot less unhappy. THey have a ton of flavors, but I'm the weirdo that actually the Plain Superstarch. I've downed it by itself, but it's really good mixed in with some coffee, Nuun or UCAN Hydrate. 
    I have not yet mastered how to use it without looking like this...

    2. Favorite Race: 
    They say you always remember your first and I still think that my first marathon Philadelphia 2013 was the most fun I've ever had racing. I was genuinely happy the entire time and while I got tired hi, it's 26.2 miles there was never a point where I felt like I couldn't go on. Crossing that finish line was the total cliche OMG I LOVE RUNNING SO MUCH moment. I felt so awesome afterwords I tackled the Rocky Stairs before sticking my face into Banana Chocolate Chips Pancakes and a Venti Redeye. 

    3. Favorite Running Song: 
    Alright I'm gonna cheat on this one because I've been so into podcasts lately. My girls at Running On Om and Real Talk Radio are my obsessions, and of course I have Serial on whenever they deign to release a new episode although Season 2 was meh, can we bring back Adnan? When I'm not absorbing podcast wisdom I'm most likely totally rocking out to Disney Pandora #thisiswhyyouresingle

    4. Favorite Running Gear: 
    Is all the things an option? No? 
    Ok then, here are my can't leave the house without items
    • Shoes: Newton Motions are my jam I did just add a pair HokaOneOne Infinites to the rotation and so far I'm digging them!
    • Apparel:  Oiselle all day everyday, if I go a day without wearing Oiselle whether it be working out or actually at work, I would be shocked. Major shout outs to the Mac Roga Shorts,  Wazzie Wool and Luxe fabrics. 
    • Gear: Garmin Forerunner I have the 225 but have used the 110 and 220 read more here and Jaybird Wireless Earbuds it took me a long time to commit to these but they are a GAME CHANGER literally the only buds that stay in my tiny weird ears and wireless is heaven!

    5. Favorite Distance Race: 
    Half Marathon by a long shot, you can tell yourself you are only half-crazy. 

    6. Favorite Running Mantra: 

    This may not count as a mantra, but it perfectly describes where I am at with running right now.
    If I'm struggling while out on a run I'll use "I am stronger" or this one time I recited the locker room speech from Miracle for 10 miles of half marathon...

    7. Favorite Post Race Food: 

    AFTER coffee.... my post-marathon cal fest generally includes but is not limited to burgers, fries and some form of ice cream preferably GoodStuff  the Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake will make you cry

    Honorable mention goes to brunch at Blue Moon Cafe Capn Crunch French Toast/Apple Bacon Pancakes and Cafeteria Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes/Green Eggs and Ham

    8. Favorite Running Joke: 
    @runnersbe makes me lolz daily

    9. Favorite Place to Race Out of Town: 
    I'm sorry were you expecting a different answer?
    First Half-Marathon OBVIOUSLY a runDisney Princess
    Me and Pops at WineDine Half 

    A gimp-tastic TinkerBell

    9. Favorite Thing to do When You’re Not Running: 
    Talking about running? Shopping for running stuff?
    But really I LIVE for coming home from a morning run, curling up on the couch with a HUGE coffee, something yummy to eat, and watching whatever awesome cinematic masterpiece I've DVRd for the occasion. 
    Relaxation at it's finest.  

    Let's hear YOUR running favorites! because I'm selfish and want to steal all the cool things your doing and I'm not :) 

    How did you celebrate Global Running Day?
    It was also my Mom's Birthday so I got to love on like 75% of my favorite things all in one day!